So it begins

March 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment



These words, displayed proudly on the top of my graduation cap, rang true to me almost a year ago.  I walked down the aisle and across the stage to receive what I had been working toward for four years, if not my whole life. My degree was given to me and it was my belief that with it I was supposed to give the real world my everything, go with all of my heart.

So, I went.

I went to New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, California, Nevada, South Carolina and finally settled in Raleigh, North Carolina. A new city, a new state, with no familiar faces.  It was scary, but I guess I always thrived on that fear, It’s what led me to college in Philadelphia and to take classes abroad. However, moving to Raleigh proved to be a more difficult transition, I wasn’t immediately thrown into a situation with people to friend.  I was searching for a job, trying to make friends, and wanting to make art.

I started this blog as a kind of New Years resolution.  A way to focus my passion and further my career.  I’m finally starting to settle into this new city and its time for me to explore, learn and share what it has to offer.  I left art school, a place where everyone thrives on the creativity of one another, and I hope this will be a place that gets me back into that mindset of being an artist.   To re-focus on the artistic world and what is happening.  To build a greater internet presence and display my work.  If not for anyone else, at least a place where I can show my inspirations and creations. To do what I set out to do, to fully live, to go with all of my heart into this new adventure.



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